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Privacy Policy

La Forêt commits to collect and keep records of your information within safety standards in order to prevent any adulteration, loss or non-authorized access, in order to protect your rights as a customer.

The personal information collected via the website belongs exclusively to La Forêt and other affiliated companies or authorized third parties and will only be used with commercial, statistic or promotional means.

Onces the Buyer has completed the registry, he/she will have to provide financial information in accordance to the selected payment method in order to successfully place an order. This information may include specific data such as name of the cardholder, card issuer, expiration dates, security code, mailing address, telephones and also the expected delivery address. All credit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer and are responsible for all transactions done under its name, since the card has a restricted access though a secret code only known by the cardholder.

Buyers commit to diligently notify La Forêt Cosmetique LLC for any unauthorized use of his/hers accounts or codes. It is clear that any selling, cession, temporary loan or transfer of these are prohibited by law.

The username provided to each Buyer is unique and unchangeable, same as the personal benefits and privileges offered by the seller. This condition is unchangeable and unable to transfer, because it is linked to a personal e-mail address (even when the addresses belong to the same user).

By submitting personal information, Buyers authorize La Forêt Cosmetique LLC to send the promotions though the email provided, accordingly to their personal characteristics based on their previous orders or products reviewed. In accordance with applicable law, the buyer has the right to request access, change or removal from our database, so that any promotional communication ceases in concordance with the applicable legislation. In accordance to this, La Forêt Cosmetique LLC reserves its rights to approve or deny any request regarding a previously accepted registry, without being forced to communicate or explain its reasoning and without recognizing any charge for the concept of reparation, recompense or compensation.

Please send e-mail with your request to:



La Forêt Cosmetique LLC reserves its rights to update, modify or remove any information or content on its websites.

La Forêt Cosmetique LLC authorizes partial or complete copy, print or download of contents subject on this site, for personal use only, as long as these actions don´t incur in copyright or any other property rights violations or alterations, changes of modifications of any information, contents or advertisement.



The sites and contents may have errors. Despite our best efforts to provide accurate, complete and reliable information, products might be incorrectly priced or described. We cannot guaranty the veracity, exactitude or integrity of the information published through its sites. By using the site as a shopping portal and having been advised by this warning, you agree that any decision you make regarding your shopping process is made and assumed under your own responsibility and risk.



La Forêt Cosmetique LLC will provide you, with your consent where required by law, with information on e-mails, sms, mms, phone calls or any other communication means, containing information about goods and services offer in the exercise of its commercial activity, like latest news or special offers that might be of your interest based on the information provided on the registry or previous purchases. The customer can also choose to be excluded from these communications. If you wish to do so, please contact us at .