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We use a payment platform, which allows us to receive payments through different means, such as: automatic debit from checking or savings account and credit cards, both expedited nationally or internationally.



Please take into consideration that we make our best efforts to resolve all your queries and concerns to resolve all your queries and concerns vie email in a lapse not major than 48 hours. Please check on these key points before you send us a second communication. If you have not received any answer in a 72-hour period, it may be possible that we did not receive your first communication.

If you receive e-mail back with the subject: Returned mail or non-delivered mail, it means we haven´t gotten your communication, possibly due to: misspelling of your e-mail address.

Please get back to our page, click on Contact us and write us an email again.

It may also be that your accounts settings doesn´t allow you to send communications abroad. Some servers hinder their users from sending e-mails outside certain territories. Please check with your server administrator to obtain more information.

It may be possible that you cannot receive our e-mails. If you are using a server provided by your employer, it is likely that it has restrictions regarding receiving e-mails from unregistered e-mail accounts. Please contact your administrator in order to enable these functions.

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